born in a boot

by andrea visone

Here Be Dragons

Andrea VI's Adventures

Here be dragons is a sentence used during the medieval times on maps to indicate unexplored and inhabited lands where might live dragons and legendary creatures.

This feeling of discovery that I share with many people around the world, as you might be, as well as the sense of adventure and willing to explore new places is what pushed me to create this blog.



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About Me

Born in Italy (that’s why I called my blog Born in a Boot as you might have guessed) I always loved travelling and exploring new places and being closed to nature.

I lived and worked abroad in Greece, Egypt and then in the UK.
In London I spent 5 amazing years working in digital and marketing.

I’m currently based in Tenerife to enjoy life closer to the ocean.
Blogging from every place I go.

Contact Me

Please go to my contact page if you want to partner with my blog and would like to collaborate.

Also feel free to contact me if you are visiting my blog and have any questions about my articles or my experience working abroad. I will be glad to help as I have been in the same position before.

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