Unexplored and inhabited lands where might live dragons and legendary creatures.
The sense of adventure and willing to explore those places is what pushed me to create this blog.
Something that I share with many people around the world, as you might be, and that links us together in a unique way.

Tenerife Based

Next stop: korea

Latest stories


Where to get your sak yant in Thailand?

Before heading to Thailand I strongly wanted to get a sak yant. My tattoos always have a personal meaning – I’m not sharing the reason why I I wanted my…


Everything must have a beginning

Let's start with the basic and with an all-time classic "introductory post" I decided to launch my blog for several reasons. Definitely I wanted to share my travel passion with a…

Video adventures

Holiday stories compressed into few minutes

About me

Born in Italy, then worked for a while in Greece and Egypt and then moved to London for 5 amazing years to learn about digital and marketing.
Currently in Tenerife to enjoy life closer to the ocean.
Blogging from every place I go.

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