Couples who do yoga together stay together

Couples who do yoga together stay together

Yoga classes? Not for me thanks

As a guy in a relationship with another guy, sometimes I have often heard that it must be easier for us to get along as we must share a lot of interests, passions and have a similar mindset.

It couldn’t be more wrong. We do share some passion, that’s for sure. We both like to follow a healthy and active lifestyle and we also appreciate videogames and reading but the list of interests that we don’t share is way larger.

I love spending time in the nature, hiking, trekking, camping. I also love diving and surfing and I am much more comfortable being alone than in a big group. My partner , on the other hand, is a social animal that loves art, fashion, city-life and has always been a huge yoga practitioner and lover.

Still, this is what I love the most about being in a relationship – being pushed to discover new things and interests and doing things outside one’s comfort zone. In some cases, I also found out passions that I didn’t know I had and yoga ended up being one of these.

Yoga couple

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